Our Equipment

Our single aim is to take the stress away from a production team and provide what they need to deliver their product. 
If we don't hold what you need in stock, one of our partners will. 

Contact us to start hiring today!

On-Set Kit

We have everything that a location's team could need including easy-ups, chairs, tables, benches, heaters, air conditioning units, led lights and many more. 
All of these are available for hire.


We have generators with varying levels of outputs available with distribution boxes. 

Our generators are serviced regularly.

Tower Lights

We have a many towable LED X-Eco Tower Lights available to hire which have the functionality of powering themselves or running off local power.

Locations Kit

We also have on-location specific kit available to hire including track mats, heras fencing, sandbags, cones, exin work lights and more. 


We can provide both Fresh water bowsers and Waste water bowsers that can be available for daily hire.

General and Recyclable Waste Collection & Bins

We can provide general waste and dry mixed recycling bins and arrange waste collection and disposal.

Other Towables

We also have box trailers
and flat bed trailers of various sizes that are available to hire.